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Gift Baskets are great for showing fellow pets and their humans that you’re thinking about them, while also taking the guess work out of shopping. But, with so many options on the market, which basket is the right one for your painfully cute fur baby? Keep reading to take a closer look at which dog gift basket is the right one for you.


When you’re looking for the gift that keeps on giving, check out BarkBox. This company offers highly customizable gift baskets (boxes), ensuring you can give a gift that matches man and woman’s best friend perfectly! …

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Sitting across from the other party, your heart races, sweat begins to form in your palms. You hope they don’t smell your fear, but you just want out of this situation. In a panic, you deploy the most convenient technique in your arsenal; the compliment sandwich.

A compliment sandwich is the art of addressing a problematic issue by first providing praise, then a critique, and closing the interaction with more praise. While this may be the quickest way out of an uncomfortable situation of having to confront a problematic issue with an employee, this technique ultimately does more harm than…

The conference table was unremarkable; oversized for the conference room. Eight unlucky souls, positioned around the conference table, were in various stages of daydreaming. The warden sat at the head of the table. They were oblivious that their prisoners’ attention spans had discovered an escape route and long left the torture session. “I thought this meeting was supposed to be an hour. We’re going on two hours!” one prisoner screams internally. “I’m not even sure what this meeting is about anymore,” another detainee quietly admitted, staring at spot on the worn carpeted floor. “If I excuse myself to go to…

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On 27 October 2019, I sat in the darkness of my living room, reflecting on life, career, and loss of control. My wife had decided to visit her family in South Carolina; I assumed she needed a break from my broken psyche. Our two dogs, a Miniature and Standard Schnauzer, kept me company, as I attempted to not drown in sadness. In the silence, thoughts became deafening, demanding I ruminate on the fact I had lost any semblance of composure. Struggling to find relief, a definitive thought emerged. It began as a whisper, almost unnoticeable, but gained strength the more…

In April 2015, our team traversed rush hour traffic in Kabul, Afghanistan, attempting to follow the unwritten rules of the road, while staying situationally aware of our surroundings. Our team had volunteered to execute reconnaissance on an area of the city, to be utilized during a future operation. For a deployment, this was considered a routine mission; one which my team had previously completed numerous times without incident.

I diverted my attention to my hand-held GPS, ensuring it would be ready once we reached our target area. Suddenly, our locally procured SUV swerved, a grinding noise filled the interior, and…

Kabul, Afghanistan

In February 2018, I assumed command of an element of Intelligence Officers executing Information Acquisition operations throughout Kabul, Afghanistan. Unlike previous assignments focused on improving the performance of a struggling team, I volunteered for the unique challenge of leading a top performing team, with the goal of further increasing production and efficiency. However, after taking the reins, due to this unit’s significantly high operational tempo, I was immediately inundated with decisions that needed to be made.

A common practice many leaders resort to in overwhelming situations is shifting the decision-making authority to their teammates. Leaders who utilize this tactic argue…

Joseph Gurumendi

Served 13 years as an Intelligence Officer for DoD, currently an Army Instructor, and the Co-Founder of Principal Agent Consulting Solutions (PACS).

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